Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Educational funding to support and sustain the mission of The Bible Seminary (TBS) derives primarily from student tuition and fees, scholarships, and donations. Students interested in applying for financial assistance to attend TBS can pursue one or more of the following options.


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TBS Scholarships Available

  • Student Scholarships - Funds given toward our general scholarship fund may be utilized to help with student tuition, fees, and other educationally-related institutional expenses. Donors may also give to this fund in memory or honor of someone. For example, some have given in honor of Paul A. Helbig (The Bible Seminary co-founder, and former Bible Institute Dean, Faculty, and Chaplain) and Drs. Phil and Linda Woodfield Pattillo (their exemplary kingdom endeavors include Linda’s innovative career as a university and seminary professor, an Itinerate Missionary for Natan Ministries worldwide for more than 30 years, and biblical languages and Holy Land research, studies, and teaching).

  • Holy Land Tour Scholarships - Helps with costs for traveling to the Holy Land as part of the TBS degree programs.

  • Student Technology Scholarships - Helps with student technology resources including software subscriptions, upgrades, resources, and training.

Other Scholarships Available

  • Hurley Foundation Scholarship - The Ed E. and Gladys Hurley Foundation offers select TBS students who wish to study to become ministers, missionaries or religious workers of the Protestant faith, and who apply and qualify, scholarships in the amount of up to $1,000 per scholastic year. Applications are usually available each March, and must be completed and submitted to the TBS Financial Aid office by the end of April. Notification of awards is usually by June 30 each year.

  • (Check with the TBS office for more information.)

Regarding Student Loans

  • We realize that conventional educational philosophy - and the rising cost of education - has evolved to include the expectation that students will take out loans as part of their educational journey. However, The Bible Seminary does not encourage this practice. Our preference is to do all we can to help our students and their families commit to, journey through, and attain their degrees without incurring financial debt or undue financial obligations that would hinder their future ministry. If students desire to pursue loans for educational purposes, they may, but The Bible Seminary is not registered with the Federal Student loan program or any other governmental or business agency or entity offering these types of services.

 *Mail, fax or drop off at the TBS office


Raising Personal Support

  • Even though IRS regulations dictate that money given directly by family members for tuition and fees is not tax deductible, we encourage students to consider how God may want to provide through this avenue. People who believe in the student’s calling to ministry, based on common values and passion, are often willing to help provide the funds for the student to follow that calling. Building and sustaining supportive relationships with a network of people is an essential skill and practice for everyone that is going to be in ministry. Asking those same people to participate financially is actually giving them the opportunity to be involved with the student in ministry. Stepping out on this journey of faith is a life changing experience for students and their supporters.


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