Fundraising Update

TBS is in the midst of an amazing season of abundant, fast-moving ministry that includes enrolling the highest number of graduate students ever this spring semester, the hiring of Dr. Paul Nyquist as Dean of Graduate Programs, four new Master of Arts programs, excellent classes, accreditation pending, and worldwide publicity and influence through publications and productions including and featuring TBS leaders.  

Yet, adequate funding remains a primary challenge. Many non-profit organizations have seen donations decline this year, possibly due to: 1) last year’s downward trend of the stock market and global economic concerns; 2) the increase in U.S. federal income tax standard deduction thresholds reducing the financial benefit of making charitable donations; 3) and, in the Houston area, the ongoing effects of recovering from Hurricane Harvey.

The TBS fiscal year runs June 1 through May 31. The following records our progress toward meeting our budgeted finances for 2018-19.

Status Report (amount needed by May 31, 2019)

  • Mar 1: $330,000
  • Apr 1: $265,000
  • Apr 8: $238,000
  • Apr 26: $165,000
  • May 6: $127,000
  • May 10: $110,000
  • May 22: $65,000
  • May 28: $30,000
  • May 30: [Amount needed exceeded by more than $5,000!]
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