Holy Land Study Tour Scholarships

Graduate students at The Bible Seminary (TBS) will usually have an opportunity to travel to enjoy a Holy Land Study Tour as part of their degree program. So, in addition to studying all 66 books of the Bible, students have the opportunity to visit numerous locations on-site throughout Israel to “see, hear, smell, taste, and feel” the Bible!

The seminary also opens these trips up to student spouses faculty, and administrators, as well as family and friends, to enjoy unforgettable, experiential, and positively life-impacting experiences together. In fact, TBS believes these tours are a vitally important part of preparing Christian leaders for ministry, so much so that we want to help students and spouses go by helping raise money for scholarships dedicated toward this purpose.

If you would consider contributing toward this scholarship on our students and their spouses behalf, CLICK BELOW TO DONATE.

Any income raised beyond amounts needed for a specific trip will be used to assist other students and spouses through the scholarship fund.

Thank you for loving and supporting TBS students and families, and for sharing exciting educational journeys of faith and adventure!