Campus Library Resources
On campus facilities include a library of theological study resources. In addition, all M. Div. students are provided with a subscription to Logos Bible Software, which includes thousands of digital resources available on hardware multi-platforms (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and web aps). Other resources include:

Lanier Theological Library Biblical Research Library
The Bible Seminary is extremely fortunate to offer our students local access to one of the emerging, premier biblical research libraries in the United States, the Lanier Theological Library.

Housing a comprehensive collection of books, periodicals, magazines, artifacts, and historical documents designed to aid the serious study of Scripture, this impressive facility currently holds more than 60,000 volumes and ill eventually hold over 100,000 books. The library contains several private collections of noted scholars that have been kept intact, and also regularly hosts events with noted authors, guest lecturers, and researchers. The library covers the following research areas:

  • Ancient Languages

  • Ancient Near Eastern Studies

  • Biblical Studies

  • Church History

  • Classics

  • Dead Sea Scrolls

  • Egyptology

  • Monasticism

  • Patristics

  • Theology