The Bible Seminary - Mission

Faculty and students sharing perspectives on their educational experiences, as well as the mission and purpose of The Bible Seminary.

TBS Promo Shiloh 2017

Promotion for an upcoming segment of "Expedition Unknown" featuring the new archaeological dig at ancient Shiloh led by The Bible Seminary's new Provost and Director of Excavations at Ancient Shiloh, Dr. Scott Stripling, in conjunction with Associates for Biblical Research (ABR) and The Bible Seminary (TBS).

The Bible Seminary - Hungry?

An invitation to pursue ministry leadership training based in all 66 books of the Bible through The Bible Seminary.

About The Bible Seminary

Exciting overview of The Bible Seminary (TBS), including interviews with faculty and students. Video premiered at the first annual TBS Celebration Banquet at the Omni Houston Hotel at Westside in Houston, Texas on Sunday, September 21, 2014.

Master of Divinity

Check out The Bible Seminary's Master of Divinity degree program! Bible-based, Christ-centered, and mission-focused, we offer professional ministry training, cutting-edge tools, and extraordinary experiences in one of the most unique seminary programs in America.

The "Oak Tree"

We have drawn inspiration from this story about one of the buildings at Oxford University.  From the book "Tempered Steel" by Steve Farrar, the story is summarized and its meaning to The Bible Seminary explained in this video.

Impact of Seminary on Life and Ministry

This video offers perspectives and comments on seminary life and ministry from three persons:

  • Blake Wilson - pastor, faculty member, and seminary graduate
  • Nolan Donald - a pastor and recent seminary graduate
  • Jeff Tillson - a youth pastor currently attending seminary

The Dream and How to Help

Dr. Jim Leggett, President of The Bible Seminary and senior pastor of Grace Fellowship UMC, and Paul Helbig, faculty member and teaching pastor at Grace Fellowship UMC, discuss their perspectives on The Bible Seminary, along with describing how people can help.

A Conversation with Boyd Baker

At The Bible Seminary, we are not looking only at the future, but are also seeking the counsel and perspective of our elders.  We had the honor to ask Boyd Baker, Pastor Emeritus at Grace Fellowship UMC, about his experience at seminary and how things have changed since then.