Student Conduct

All students at The Bible Seminary acknowledge in their initial application their agreement with, and promise to abide by, the TBS Ethos statement, as well as other core documents. In some cases, certain student behavior(s) may appear questionable and/or seem to warrant disciplinary action.

In such cases, the student and the behaviour(s) in question may be investigated by a Student Council under the authority of the Office of the Provost. If not already provided for by a Student Council, a designated team of representative administrators, faculty, and students (at least one of each) should be appointed by the Provost either annually or as needed to serve in the capacity of a Student Review Board.


  1. Official charges should be submitted in writing, sealed, addressed to the “Student Council”, and delivered to the seminary’s main office.
  2. Charges should clearly denote date(s), facts, person(s) involved, and specific details.
  3. Except in extenuating circumstances, charges must be signed and dated by the submitter. Anonymous charges, or charges on behalf of persons not directly involved but submitted on behalf of someone else, will not be accepted or reviewed.
  4. Charges will be subjected to a preliminary review by the Student Council, or appointed sub-committee, within 30 days. If the preliminary review finds basis for continuance, a hearing will be scheduled and the student(s) in question notified – in writing – regarding the:
    • Specific charge(s)
    • Time and place of the Student Review Board hearing
    • Name(s) of the person(s) directly responsible for having reported the alleged violation(s)
    • Copy of the TBS code, ethic, guideline, law, or other principle supposedly violated

With the exception of felonies or other instances that legally require disclosure, descriptions of alleged violations, the decision(s) rendered, and the person(s) involved in hearings will remain confidential.

A Student Review Board hearing will be held in which both sides can be heard. The hearing should be recorded on audio or audio/video. At the hearing, the defendant is entitled to:

  • Appear in person to present a defense and call witnesses. The defendant's failure to appear at the hearing should not be interpreted as an indication of guilt;
  • Ask questions of the Student Review Board and any witnesses;
  • Receive an expeditious hearing of the case;
  • Ask that one of the Student Review Board members serve as an advisor to help them understand the procedures of the hearing.

After the Hearing

  • An immediate explanation of the recommendations of the verdict shall be forwarded to Office of the Provost, or designated appointee, by the Student Review Board.
  • Written notification of the decision should be provided to the student as soon as possible following the hearing.
  • A record of the allegations, supporting materials, meeting notes, and recommended action(s) will be maintained in the student’s file during the time the student is enrolled at The Bible Seminary.

Automatic Suspension Or Expulsion
The following violations may result in an automatic referral to the Student Review Board for removal from the campus and other disciplinary action:

  • Verbal or physical abuse;
  • Tampering with fire safety equipment;
  • Tampering with locks, keys, or security;
  • Possession and/or use of illegal explosives;
  • Illegal or unlicensed possession and/or threatening use of lethal weapons on campus;
  • Possession and/or use of illegal drugs;
  • Illicit sexual activity

Appeal of Disciplinary Action

  • Both complainants and defendants have the right to appeal a decision of the Student Review Board.
  • Appeals must be submitted in writing to the seminary office and addressed to the “Student Council”.
  • Appeals must be submitted within one week following notification of a decision.
  • In the event of an appeal, the initial decision shall be stayed until an appellate board ruling is rendered.
  • Appeals must include the specific ground on which the appeal is based, such as:
    • An error in due process which impaired either party; or
    • Evidence of a substantial nature that was either withheld or grossly misconstrued.
  • Appeals should be reviewed by the Office of the Provost within one week of filing.
  • The Provost, or designated appointee, should consider the original complaint, the decision of the initial hearing, the written appeal, and (if needed) the recording of the original hearing. Then, a decision should be rendered on the appeal, and the student(s) involved notified of the decision.
  • A copy of all appellate meetings and communications should be kept in the student’s file.
  • If an appeal is granted, the operational procedures guideline outlined above will be utilized in scheduling the appeal hearing.

Decision on Appeals
Based on evidence presented in an appeal, one of the following actions will occur:

  • The original decision and disciplinary sanction is Upheld
  • The original decision is Upheld, but disciplinary action is Modified
  • The original decision and disciplinary action is Reversed

Grievance Procedure
Should a student feel that TBS policy or the application of TBS policy is unjust, the student should first seek to resolve the issue with the person(s) involved. If the issue is not satisfactorily resolved, the situation should be presented to the Provost. Ultimately, a final court of appeal in the form of a Judicial Panel may be appointed by the President, and consist of the President, a faculty member, a student, and a member of the Board of Trustees. Their decision is final and binding.

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