Licensed Professional

The PURPOSE of the Licensed Professional program is to offer core, graduate-level education for ministry leadership.

This 9-course, 18-credit hour program is not a substitute for a degree program, denominational path toward ordination, or state licensure, but does provide mission-critical foundational educational experiences and studies beneficial for anyone serving or who wants to serve in Bible-based, Christ-centered ministry leadership.

Fundamental skills and topics studied in the LP program include hermeneutics, church history and theology, ministry leadership, public speaking/teaching, and spiritual formation, as well as a survey of all 66 books of the Bible and in-depth studies of numerous biblical books.

Students in this program earn 2-hour, graded, non-degree credit by attending and participating in course sessions, turning in all regular assignments, and taking the final exam. By participating at this level, students can retain the option to convert their work to 3-hour graduate degree credit without having to retake the class. To convert the non-degree credit to degree credit, students have to apply and be accepted, and pay the difference between the non-degree and degree costs for the course.

Admission requirements include a high school diploma or equivalent (no undergraduate degree is required), and submission and approval of a “Non-degree Student Application.” Any student who eventually chooses to pursue a degree would then need to additionally submit a “Degree Student Application.”

Program Objectives and Learning Outcomes

  1. The seminary will teach, and the student will understand and be able to exposit and explain all the book(s) of the Bible covered in program in addition to the specific book(s) of the Bible for a specific course.
  2. The seminary will teach, and the student will become equipped to utilize the Licensed Professional discipline(s) associated with the program and each course in work and life.
  3. The seminary will teach and the student will come to understand how the 7 core values of The Bible Seminary impact their program, courses, life, and future work.
Frequency of Offering
Licensed Professional students are eligible to take any TBS graduate course. TBS generally offers at least one CORE course every semester at each location where graduate courses are offered. Since TBS offers graduate courses at multiple sites, students can take more than one course per semester, without needing to follow the sequence. Students may take their two elective courses at any point. There are no prerequisites for this program.
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"They read from the book of the Law of God, making it clear and giving the meaning so that the people could understand what was being read."
- Nehemiah 8:8

The Bible Seminary exists to glorify God by training Christian believers in a context of biblical community in all 66 books of the Bible so that they can serve the local church and fulfill the Great Commission by the power of God’s Spirit.

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