Bible Certificate

The PURPOSE of the Bible Certificate program is to help nurture a biblically literate populace
via comprehensive, strategic Bible-based studies.

The 10-credit, non-degree educational program for ages 16 and up is offered by The Bible Seminary
in association with churches, denominations, individuals, ministries and other organizations.

The CORE curriculum consists of 7 short courses (8 credits) designed to help students internalize the worldwide impact of Judeo-Christian history and culture by strategically covering all 66 books of the Bible, teaching how to study scripture, and mentoring the practice of studying specific passages.

The ELECTIVE options (2 credits) offer students a wide range of Bible-based experiences and opportunities to reinforce applied learning and skills, as well as allow some flexibility to tailor the program to meet individual needs and interests while maintaining educational standards.

Most courses are also eligible for CEU credit through the Association of Christian Schools International (ASCI)

Program Objectives and Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will gain a perspective of the Bible as a whole, its place in culture and history, and its relevance for life today.
  2. Students will gain a strong foundation for leading and teaching persons of all ages.
  3. Students will prepare for more effective Christian leadership at home, family, church, community, and even career.
  4. Students will engage in a shared community of advanced learning with highly skilled instructors and passionate co-learners and gain confidence for serving in ministry and as a ministry leader.
Frequency of Offering

The Bible Certificate Program offers maximum flexibility for students and partnering organizations at remote instructional location sites. Various sites are at different stages in the following curriculum progression:

  • Prerequisites – Bible Panorama and Bible Study Methods
  • Core – Old Testament I, II, and III, and New Testament I and II
  • Electives – Two electives (God & Science, Holy Land Tour Prep, Soul Care, etc.)

Students who miss a course session or semester course at their home site can make up the course at any other extension site. See the current Academic Calendar for specific times and locations.

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"They read from the book of the Law of God, making it clear and giving the meaning so that the people could understand what was being read."
- Nehemiah 8:8

The Bible Seminary exists to glorify God by training Christian believers in a context of biblical community in all 66 books of the Bible so that they can serve the local church and fulfill the Great Commission by the power of God’s Spirit.

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